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Premier UPS Range

Premier UPS can serve you in any application.  Our products range from 10kVA to 300kVA to meet your power consumption requirement.  Along with the latest electronics, electrical and mechanical technology, the Premier UPS are also equipped with industry leading communication and monitoring solution.
The Premier 31 UPS series, which delivers a single phase output from a three phase supply, is specially designed for small and medium business centre and server room with critical power requirements.  Equipped with all the advanced technology in a compact form factor, the Premier 31 UPS series is best for the tight space server room designs.  The scalability of the Premier 31 UPS series also allows an easy expansion, giving you the most flexibility during your server room planning.
The Premier 33 UPS series, which delivers a three phase output from a three phase supply, offers professional users a top performance power protection solution.  With its latest Input Power Factor Correction (IPFC) technology, the Premier 33 UPS series protects data, information exchange and Internet connections to maximise the efficiency of medium to large sized networked organisations.
Both series are available with enhanced battery packs.  These are available for units up to 20kVA and are designated the Premier 31 L UPS series and Premier 33 L UPS series.  They provide extended battery support times of one to three hours.
Please click on the Products > UPS item on the adjacent menu to find out more about the capability and specifications for the entire Premier UPS range.