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UPS Products

Premier Series 31 30 kVA

The Premier Series 31 is an on line Double Conversion UPS As far as architecture and layout is concerned, this product is optimised with particular care in order to make it suitable for applications where reliability and high performances are fundamental for critical loads.

The UPS operation is optimised by microprocessor digital control and the IGBT inverter is based on a high frequency PWM waveform.

The whole UPS is monitored by a DSP 16 bit microprocessor, implementing full digital control.

Procedures for power-on, power-off, switching to and from bypass are described step by step on LCD display, so to help users to easily operate the UPS.

Results of electrical measurement, alarm, status, event log and battery state are displayed real time on the LCD front panel.

This UPS topology delivers high quality output, needed by loads requiring a stable and clean source of power. The main features are:

  • Protection for black-out, within the limits of the battery autonomy
  • Complete filtering of main power noise
  • High quality output power
  • Stable output frequency, independent from input frequency
  • Full compatibility with every type of load
  •  Configurable with any neutral wire configuration (upon request)
  • Automatic control of battery, during both charging and discharging
  • Easy to interface with user devices
  • Auto-diagnostic feature and troubleshooting support
  • Flexibility of complete manual bypass facility
  • Full access from the front and from the roof for maintenance
  • Up to 6 units in parallel