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Environmental Policy

CBS Group comply with all applicable legislation, including RoHS and WEEE at country level


CBS Group has consistently strived over many years to decrease environmental and health hazards due to UPS products and their use. These efforts start selection of an eco-design to promote easy dismantling and recycling, particularly of batteries, design to power efficiency of products and end of life management.

Not all CBS products are subject to ROHS and WEEE directives ; in fact Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) have been confirmed not to be subject to these directives by a joint ORGALIME/CEMEP/GIMELEC March 2006 press release, based on a European commission FAQ document on WEEE directive.

This is based on the fact that UPS are not listed in any of the 10 categories of Annex 1 of directive 2002/96/EC on WEEE, and that UPS are very often used in conjunction with products of categories 3 (IT and Telecom), 6 Electrical and Electronic Tools (with the exception of large scale stationary tools), 8 (Medical devices), 9 (Monitoring and Control instruments).

Category 8, 9 are clearly excluded from RoHS because these products are highly critical, as UPS, for security and safety and because reliability of lead-free PCBA is still heavily questioned.

Category 3, 6 for the same reason benefit as an exemption for lead in solder.

WEEE directives regulates the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment ; UPS are not in the scope of this directive. However CBS Group is highly conscious of its responsibilities and has developed solutions for its customers for disposal and recycling of their equipment. All products which need a proper disposal are clearly labelled and a network of recycling partners is in place within the UK.